Monthly Archives: March 2017

Minimalistic Exagerations

I hear people call themselves minimalists more and more these days. Maybe it’s because I live in Colorado and apparently this state is all about pot and living small, but it’s got me wondering. Why must someone brag about their minimalistic way of living? Do you feel that in some way you are better than those that are not minimalists? 

You’re not. 

Do you sit in your tiny little minimalist cafes discussing the “maximumists” and their large way of life? 

You do, don’t you.

Why does a point have to be made of discussing it? I don’t go around stating, “Well *I’m* a maximumist therefore my Kale is better than yours.” First off I rarely like anything Kale is actually in, secondly, no I fucking don’t say I’m a maximumist because that just sounds dumb. 

I seriously don’t get it. I get the idea of living without a lot of unnecessary crap in your life, but to constantly bring it up in conversation about your views on politics, the new home basement beer brew or the newest Indy movie craze, is absurd. And maybe my not getting it, is why I don’t go around bragging how I am NOT a minimalist. But the next time someone tells me they are a minimalist, I’ll be sure to explain my “maximumistness” to them and how it relates to the birth of the New York baby giraffe and the upcoming Guns N Roses tour.