Daily Q&A

February 6

Are you seeking contentment or excitement?

2018: I wonder why there has to be a decision between the two. Can I not be excited about my contentment? Contrarily wise, can I not be content with my excitement? Questions aside, I am perfectly happy being at a constant medium between the two. I’m happy going on a couple exciting vacations a year, adventuring on some exciting dates with crazy karaoke singing, and frolic on exciting dungeons and dragons capers with close friends twice a month. At the same time, I am also content to play fetch quietly at home with my cat, Mouse, and her toy mouse. I am content with being single and the peace that comes with it. I am also content with the fact that my son is my main focus for the time being. I am filled with contentment when I am at home, sitting on my couch, eating ice cream, and watching Netflix… or should that be in the excitement column?

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